The #1 CNFT Bot

Drive engagement, reward holders and take your Discord to the next level! Lovelace.Tools covers all your CNFT Discord needs: wallet verification, holder roles, trade alerts, giveaways, auctions.. and more!

Reward Holders

Reward holders with special roles and run giveaways exclusive to your loyal members

Drive Engagement

Chat rewards, level roles and games like coinflip, slots, roulette, connect4 & more!

Stand Out

Beautiful designs, intuitive interfaces, endless customisability and custom branding for Bluechip users.

All-in-one CNFT bot

Lovelace.Tools covers all your CNFT needs- designed for both users and projects

Effortless Wallet Verification Image

Effortless Wallet Verification

Members can verify their wallet in seconds using our custom online verification portal or use our built-in manual method. Easily share wallets with other servers, choose your primary wallet, or stop sharing it at any time with /verify.

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The all-in-one solution

Bots should be better.

Many are either overpriced, lack essential features, fall short on privacy, aren't customisable or are simply unappealing and hard to navigate.

You deserve the best.

Easy to use, intuitive, advanced features, beautiful designs, endless customisability, 7/7 support and an all-in-one solution with all base features entirely for FREE - you deserve it all.

Lovelace.Tools takes care of you.

With 8 years of Discord Bot experience and having pioneered the CNFT space before, Bratatat Studios is proud to present you a beautiful, all-in-one and highly customisable solution built for both projects and CNFT users.

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Looks hella sick! Team loves it
β€” Ash - Crashr

From small creators to true bluechips- we got you!

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Something for everyone

For small creators

All basic features are totally free, so even the smallest of creators aren't left behind

For large projects

With stellar user experiences, next-level features and great reliability, Lovelace.Tools is here to take your Discord to the next level

For true bluechips

With full customisability, 100% whitelabel solutions and hands-on Developers to satisfy your every custom need, Lovelace.Tools is ready to scale with you

Built for YOU

Features 01
No more bored members

Drive engagement

Keep members engaged with our built-in levelling system with chat rewards, leaderboards, and more.

Kill time with games like connect4, coinflip & roulette- integrated directly with your XP system!

  • Games
  • Levelling
  • Completely optional
Features 02
Endless customisability

Make it your own

Configure the bot just the way you want from within Discord or from the Web Dashboard (soon), or work with our Developer to add custom features and tailor your designs.

  • Intuitive UI
  • Hassle Free
  • Endless customisability
Features 03
You can count on us

7/7 Support

New features every week

Have a question? Check out our Tutorials and Knowledge Base or reach out on Discord for support around the clock.

  • 7/7 Availability
  • Frequent Updates
  • Suggestions taken seriously

Don't just take our word for it

Rated 5 ⭐ by top CNFT voices

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β€” Lovelace.Tools is phenomenal! Bratatat Studios transformed our server beyond our expectations. Highly recommend their services for any development needs. Truly a game-changer!

Ash - Crashr
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β€” Lovelace has been nothing short of outstanding! What sets Lovelace apart is their unwavering commitment to ethics and client satisfaction. Bratatat's dedication to our Discord Bots is remarkable. He felt more like a team member than a service provider.

Woulvi - Brave Dogs

Choose the perfect plan

Use /upgrade in your server and pick the perfect plan for you.

Payments are made in ADA and are processed automatically within 2 minutes. Cancel anytime!

Per Month

Per Year
All the essentials for even the smallest of creators
Features include:
All the essentials for a CNFT community
All features of Free plus:
Perfect for serious, established projects
All features of Basic plus:
Full whitelabel solution for true bluechips.
All features of Project plus:

Looking for custom features for your project?

With 7 years of Discord Bot experience, the sky is the limit.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I upgrade?

    Simply use /upgrade in your server, choose a plan, and follow the bot's instructions to send the ADA! Payments are automatically processed by the bot and your plan will be activated within 2 minutes. The bot will notify you when your plan is about to run out!

  • How can I suggest new features?

    We're adding features all the time, so please reach out if you have a cool idea and we'll look into it! Check out our current features here.

  • Can I get an invoice?

    Are you a business? Please email us your business details within 7 days after purchase and we'll send you an invoice!

  • Can you add a custom feature for my project?

    If you want something unique for your project- please reach out. You can hire us to add anything you'd like!

  • Do you have a free trial?

    Our free plan already covers all the essentials! If you want more, you can use /upgrade to purchase a plan with ADA.

  • I have another question!

    We're always available to help you on Discord or via email!

1. Invite the bot

Click this link and add the bot to your server.

2. Configure

Use /settings to configure the bot to your liking.

3. Enjoy!

Have fun using Lovelace.Tools! Use /upgrade to unlock more features if needed

Ready to power-up your community?

Drive engagement, reward holders and take your Discord to the next level! Enjoy wallet verification, holder roles, trade alerts, giveaways, auctions.. and much more.

  • No payment required
  • Frequent updates
  • 7/7 Support

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